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Rembrandt Videos by Nigel Konstam

Konstam has released a wealth of videos on Rembrandt, among other subjects. The most complete list can be found in the "Rembrandt videos" section, taken from his Ebook An Alternative History of Art. More videos on the history of art, including those discussing Rembrandt can be found on the "Videos" section of his website, as well as his other Ebooks, a showcase of his artistic work and more!


Rembrandt Videos used on this site


The Blindness of the Experts: Rembrandt and Bol


DVD: Rembrandt - An Introduction



This Seven Chapter DVD Nigel Konstam reveals Rembrandt's working methods, creative process, interests and values. Nigel takes a critical look at how the Great Master has been reinvented by modern art scholars.

  1. Introduction - In which we see how scholars' expectations of genius lead to the loss of great works of art. Looking at style rather than human content misleads.
    Introduction - The Deathbed of David - The Virgin and Child
  2. Experiment and Change
    Job - Rembrandt the Director
  3. Imagination - Shows how what we admire in Rembrandt's work is observed from life, and what leads scholars to disqualify is made up
    Isaac and Esau - Rembrandt Misunderstood - The Lion Hunt
  4. Mirrors - The use of mirrors proves that Rembrandt did indeed draw from life and challenges present methods of dating works of art.
    Musicians - Mummers - Two Drawings (Woman in North Holland Dress) - Many Drawings (Hagar series) - Conclusions
  5. Christ Raising a Sick Woman - Rembrandt's interests and working method
  6. The Unworthy Wedding Guest - Rembrandt shows us the inner thoughts of his characters and his own creative process
  7. The Adoration of the Shepherds - Nigel Compares two oil paintings by Rembrandt - one of which has been deattributed and demonstrates that one is a mirror image of the other.

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