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Dear Friends,

This is a link which will take you to a Facebook discussion of my new discovery, showing that The Elgin Marbles at the British Museum are largely Roman and surprisingly the most admired are Roman not Greek. This of course conflicts with everything we have been told over the years about Roman copies but the evidence is overwhelming and available at the BM. All you need to know is where the smoke came from and when. My video tells all. Hopefully, these findings will be presented at the British Academy next year. The history of my discoveries is discouraging because in nearly every case they conflict with approved opinion and opinion is difficult to move. You will find many histories on my websites: and

I need support from artists to get art historians to acknowledge proven facts. My Rembrandt discoveries would cancel most of the de-attributions that have been perpetrated over the last 50 years and put Rembrandt back where he belongs. Equally useful “Elgin Arguments” my pamphlet, makes a strong case for keeping the sculptures in Britain. Here we should be able to see the difference, where back in Greece the surprising difference would continue to be hidden.

We need realism in the history of art today.

PLEASE HELP get these things known by giving your opinion of the evidence presented.


Best wishes, Nigel.