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The Story of a Discovery

Written by Nigel Konstam

Edited by Nancy Grossman-Telfer

Recently Rembrandt scholars have reduced the number of drawings and paintings that they accept as being by Rembrandt by between 50% and 70%. A massive change of opinion from scholars in the past. Why has this happened and where does the truth lie? I have studied this problem for over 35 years. I have come to the conclusion that we are dismissing works that are truly by Rembrandt because of a misunderstanding of his character as an artist.



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PART I: Crude Fake attributed to Rembrandt (2 Minutes)

PART II: Genuine brilliant Rembrandt attributed to a Dull Student (2 minutes)

Adoration of the Shepherds YouTube video

The Unworthy Wedding Guest YouTube video

The Blindness of the Experts: Rembrandt and Bol

[RETIRED IN 2017] YouTube video challenging Sir Nicholas Serota's directorship of the Tate Gallery


DVD: Rembrandt - An Introduction



This Seven Chapter DVD Nigel Konstam reveals Rembrandt's working methods, creative process, interests and values. Nigel takes a critical look at how the Great Master has been reinvented by modern art scholars.

  1. Introduction - In which we see how scholars' expectations of genius lead to the loss of great works of art. Looking at style rather than human content misleads.
    Introduction - The Deathbed of David - The Virgin and Child
  2. Experiment and Change
    Job - Rembrandt the Director
  3. Imagination - Shows how what we admire in Rembrandt's work is observed from life, and what leads scholars to disqualify is made up
    Isaac and Esau - Rembrandt Misunderstood - The Lion Hunt
  4. Mirrors - The use of mirrors proves that Rembrandt did indeed draw from life and challenges present methods of dating works of art.
    Musicians - Mummers - Two Drawings (Woman in North Holland Dress) - Many Drawings (Hagar series) - Conclusions
  5. Christ Raising a Sick Woman - Rembrandt's interests and working method
  6. The Unworthy Wedding Guest - Rembrandt shows us the inner thoughts of his characters and his own creative process
  7. The Adoration of the Shepherds - Nigel Compares two oil paintings by Rembrandt - one of which has been deattributed and demonstrates that one is a mirror image of the other.



Nigel would like to make a TV documentary to make the position of Rembrandt scholarship better known. His DVD is available now free of charge to anyone interested in making the documentary. (Running time about 1 hour total). The DVD takes the arguments presented here much further. Nigel Konstam, the author and discoverer of the above is available for consultation or participation in the project.


LINKS: Rembrandt, Nigel Konstam, Mirrors, Modern Criticism, AdorationThe Deathbed of David , The Virgin and ChildJob and His Comforters, Isaac and EsauMummers, Hagar series,  Museum of Artist's Secrets